Milo-Grogan Area Commission 2020 Election

Thank you for your interest in joining the Milo-Grogan Area Commission. This is the official group of individuals, confirmed by the Mayor to represent the community of Milo-Grogan, this election is being held for residents only.


Due to the current pandemic, the MGAC election process has been changed to the following for 2020:

The MGAC Election Committee will perform the selection process to determine the new Commissioners. Those selected for office will be notified the first week of December by the Chair. and will be officially seated at the first Area Commission meeting in January 2021. (1/12/2021) These seats are 3 year terms done in a non-paid/voluntary capacity.


Interested candidates must submit a letter of interest to the Commission email address at The deadline to submit the letter of interest is Nov. 28th, 2020 at 5 p.m.


The letter of interest must contain the following information:

Name, Address, Phone, Email Address

The following questions must also be answered in the letter being submitted: 

1- Why do you want to become a Commissioner?

2- How long have you lived in the Milo-Grogan Community?

3-Roughly how many residents do you know in the community?

4-What makes Milo-Grogan unique from other Columbus neighborhoods?

5-Have you been or are you currently involved with any community groups/organizations in the neighborhood?

6-What would be your top 3 priorities to help improve the Milo-Grogan Community?

7-If selected, will you be available to attend meetings, training and help with events usually scheduled for evenings and weekends?